Increase your positive impacts on society by creating digital products and brand identities with attitude.

Together we can

  • Increase the success rate of your proposal
  • Enhance your reputation and visibility at local, national and international level
  • Attract the interest of potential partners
  • Draw the attention of your network and your audiences
  • Boost your self-confidence
  • Spare time & budget
  • Build partneship on a long term

Lola, one of my biggest partners.

Our collaboration in 6 steps



We explore your business potential, its market context and audiences.
We define your needs and plan our milestones, time-schedule, and budget.

Diverge & Explore

We generate ideas. Everyone pitches as many solutions as possible to improve the odds of finding the best one. We then discuss and re-shape the suggestions as needed.


We build a prototype of the best solution we’ve come up with. Depending on what we want to start, we choose the appropriate fidelity of our prototype (paper mockups, sketches, digital layout).

Test & Learn

We test it to see what works and what doesn’t. We sum up what we’ve learned and plan the next steps to finalize your final product.

Take control

Tools are yours. We explain how to use your branding supports following your strategy. My goal is to make you proud and completely satisfied about our creations.

Engage Partnership

I want partnerships with my clients – I believe that success is grounded not in huge numbers of disparate clients but in much fewer and mutually beneficial relationships with organisations that recognise my expertise and embrace it as a resource. So I would be happy to support you for the next steps!

We can meet in Berlin, Brussels, Tübingen or anywhere you want (surcharge will be add if we have to travel to meet with you). The deliverables, options & professional resources can be tailored to your specific conditions.

Creation of materials that fit to your needs.



Mailing Template

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Annual Report (digital version)

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Visual Identity

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Curriculum Vitae

Books & Publications

Videos & Photos

Personal Interview

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Profile Picture


Recent partnerships.

They have worked with me.

Olivier was extremely helpful in encouraging our organisation to think strategically about how to present our work online and optimize our site in terms of the viewer. His support was crucial to successfully rebuild the EAPN website.

Rebecca LeeInformation & Events Officer at EAPN

I enjoyed working with Olivier. We intensively cooperated on two European projects, ORA-ORienter Autrement (Leonardo da Vinci, 2011-2013), and Art for All (Grundtvig, 2012-2014) where he realised a high-quality creative graphic design work (websites, publications’ covers and layouts, newsletters, flyers, posters, pictures). I highly recommend him for any graphic work.

Sanjin PlakaloProject Manager at European Think Tank Pour la Solidarité

Olivier rebuilt our website from scratch. Marvelous job! Incredible "graphic eye" combined to a pragmatic approach showing our business in a professional way. He managed to show our activity in an easy and pleasant way to our customers.

Nicolas GérardFounder of FLEXISAILING

Olivier has successfully supported us for over 4 years in our mission of work package leader for communication & dissemination activities as part of the EU-funded research project FESSUD.

Marie LeprêtreProject Manager at European Think Tank Pour la Solidarité

Olivier is a very talented communicator who quickly understood and responded to my business needs. His holistic, creative and goal-oriented approach was particularly helpful to develop our company's branding.

Hartmut DeutschmannFounder at Unternehmen-Sparring

It was a great experience to collaborate with Olivier. His help was needful to identify our project issues, develop its visual strategy and to move up to the next stage.

Julien LemonnierCo-founder of P H O S / P H O R

Olivier first delivered us a logo under 24h as requested. Not easy...and the result exceeded our expectations. He then brought us exactly the insights we needed to challenge our subcontractors in building the visual identity and character of our microdonation chatbot "Mino". His global vision helped us save lot of time.

Laurent ThononFounder of Donmino

Olivier is a very easy-going and positive person. He is always ready to listen to others and immediately make you feel more confident in your project. But first of all, he is a talented and creative designer who concentrates on the essentials, the impact.

Damien JacquesCofounder at Stemgarden

The experience I will share with you.

Years of experience
Accomplished Projects
International Conferences
Videos Interviews


I would be glad to help you accomplishing your challenges. We can meet in Brussels, Berlin or wherever you want. People are flexible today. Skype can also be a good place to kick off our collaboration. See u then, Olivier